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It is too often assumed that a "technically efficient" innovation will "automatically" find its place on the market. This is rarely the case....

First of all, the adoption of innovation is linked to the needs of the particular target it meets. There may therefore be either a wrong target or a misidentification of needs to be met. Then the prospect's openness to novelty and his assessment of the risks associated with the adoption of this innovation.

We have different sectoral (B2B) or human (B2C) profiles with characteristics specific to this process of adopting innovation as described by Geoffrey Moore for example. This is compounded by a time dimension (critical for a start-up) and the evolution of the industrial and business environment, which sometimes explains the failure of innovations that are "too far ahead" of their time.

We are involved in the entire process and in particular in the characterization of the context, "application screening", contacts with potential contributors and the development of the ecosystem around the technology.


Development of the "Teaser" or promotional document:
an experienced marketing team identifies the key features and benefits of innovation and summarizes them in a summary document that allows you to communicate about innovation without unlocking its secrets.

Application screening:
in view of the functionalities, a first zoning of potential applications is done by our proprietary method of the "technology-market wire". This maximizes the effectiveness of the next stage of interviews by "aiming as close as possible".

Interview campaign:
Contacts are established with key contacts at selected manufacturers. Technical functionalities are reviewed step by step and economic aspects are also assessed. A complete maintenance report is systematically delivered

Download our summary document on innovation marketing

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