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The off-grid market is more than 30 years old and includes varied topics as:

  • Isolated sites (shelters, telecom, individual electrification, etc.)
  • Community electrification (mini-grids, micro-grids, access to water, solar streetlights, public buildings...)
  • Industry and agriculture (Mining, small and medium industry, solar irrigation, hybridisation of bad-grid sites...)

Mainly driven by the growth of solar energy and storage, this complex market is currently experiencing strong growth, particularly in African and Asian markets.

Our expertise

We have been addressing this market since 2009 through:

  • A watch for current events and related calls for tenders
  • Numerous dedicated missions
  • Different products (reports and databases) that cover a wide range of market segments.

Our technological expertise (photovoltaics, fuel cells, batteries, energy management systems, etc.) and our knowledge of the players along the value chain (integrators, EPCs, developers, financiers) enables us to support our clients on both macro (e. g. geographical analysis, market quantification: example of off-grid market in 2011, etc.) and micro (e. g. validation of the relevance of an innovation, definition of an entry strategy, business development, etc.) aspects.

Our Market Research Products on Off-Grid

Off-Grid tenders

Find every week a selection of tenders published on the off-grid markets around the world, more than 500 each year!

Rapport mini-grid
Off-the-Shelf Reports

Discover our latest report: "Mini-grids for rural electrification in Africa and Asia"


Accelerate your research with our actors' referencing (e. g. local actors by country, component suppliers...)

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