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B2B (Business To Business) market research addresses professionals in the energy and related markets.

We carry out all types of industrial market studies after discussion and formalization of precise specifications with the client.

We are familiar with the collection, analysis and maintenance techniques specific to industrial markets. We rely on a rich network of contacts in our target markets.

The geographical coverage of the market research is important to ensure its representativeness. Our studies take into account the globalization of supply and demand and often cover several countries or international regions. Finally, the results of our studies are intended to be operational and usable quickly by our customers. We are also proud to see our clients take ownership and implement the results of our work.

Among the different types of studies, we carry out:

  • Market and/or technological status
  • Segmentation: by function, use, technology, behaviour (depending on the objective).
  • State of the art: : on a single or multiple industries, on a part or all of the value chain, from material suppliers (upstream) to services (downstream), and with indirect stakeholders: the entire ecosystem.
  • Competitive technical-economic benchmarks, direct and indirect competitors, multi-criteria.
  • Quantitative market research: sizing a market or market segment, counting applications, etc. Mobilization of Infinergia's internal databases.
  • Qualitative market research: interview campaigns with manufacturers (in English or local language depending on the context), discovery of needs and uses, validation of interest, in-depth analyses, etc.

Feel free to contact us for a more detailed presentation of the studies carried out by the firm since 2009.

Examples of analysis types:

We carry out:

  • market segmentations
  • reviews of potential applications for technological innovation or "Application Screening"
  • value chain analyses (from materials to services)
  • actors mapping
  • market qualifications (via documentary research & interviews)

Examples of analysis:

We carry out:

  • market quantifications by market level (TAM/SAM) and in unit or amount (€/$).
  • competitive reviews and technical-economic benchmarking
  • etc.

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