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Infinergia regularly carries out Strategic Diagnotics, Expertise or "Due Diligence" of startups or projects for investors.

This approach involves an internal analysis of the company and also an external analysis of its environment.

We structure our approach around innovation, value proposition, technology, industrial property, market knowledge (regulations, qualitative, quantitative analysis, actors, etc!), competition and market access plan. Then we evaluate the business plan and the relevance of the business model using a synthetic analysis (SWOT).

We do not publicly mention our references on this subject, please consult us.

Infinergia's knowledge of technologies & markets allows us to obtain a complete analysis of the files with an often relevant look at the teams and their skills.

Example of a pre-expertise:

We review the following topics:

Team Organization & Skills (excluding HR aspects)

Innovation & Technology

Technological & industrial maturity

Market approach

Competitive position

Business Maturity

Example of Due Diligence

In this document, we analyse in depth the following aspects


Technology & Intellectual Property



Business Model & Business Plan

And finally we provide a summary with our opinion on the positive/negative points as well as recommendations for improvement

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