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This tool makes it possible to quickly identify the key market players in the hydrogen energy industry and their precise positioning in the value chain. It thus makes it possible to carry out benchmarking, partner search or prospecting actions

Scope of the database

This database lists and describes, on a global level, more than 800 market players in the hydrogen energy industry.

It describes more than 290 companies providing materials (ceramic, membrane, catalyst, etc.) or components (MEA, GDL, bipolar plates, etc.) for fuel cells and electrolyzers.

It positions more than 290 companies across the fuel cell value chain: from the stack and its balance of plant (humidifier, air blower, power converter, etc.) to assembled fuel cell systems.

It also analyses more than 160 companies manufacturing hydrogen production technologies and more than 110 companies supplying storage systems.

It now contains more than 110 companies supplying key components or turnkey solutions for hydrogen distribution stations for vehicles.

For each company, it provides details on its business scope, the technologies used, the markets targeted and the economic information available.

This database allowed our group to map all the actors we needed for our strategy. It is a very comprehensive tool. It allows to understand very well who is active on each technology.

Informations on each company:

  • Company : localisation, date of incorporation, company size, web site
  • Technologies :
    • Fuel Cell : PEMFC, SOFC, DMFC, PAFC & others
    • Hydrogen Storage : cryogenic liquid, gaseous, solid, liquid hydrogen carrier
    • Hydrogen production : alkaline, polymer membrane or solid oxide electrolyser, gas reforming, partial oxidation, and others
  • Value Chain : material producer (catalyst, electrolyte, etc.), component manufacturers (bipolar plate, MEA, GDL, etc.), subsystems (stack, compressor, power electronics, etc.), and systems (electrolyzers, fuel cells, and storage)
  • Market targeted for fuel cells : portable, transport, stationnary (small & large power range)

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