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Since 2009, we have been assisting public and private investors in the analysis of sustainable energy projects, startups and innovative companies. We support all types of structures: Business Angel, venture capital investment funds or institutional investors. Our services are adapted to the client's needs. We carry out "flash" expertise up to in-depth Due Diligence of several weeks and this in the very tight timing of our clients.

Our evaluations focus primarily on the technical & economic aspect, including innovation, intellectual property, industrial approach, market understanding, the Go-To-Market plan and of course the business plan and business model.

We have more than 20 years of experience in the industry, including 10 years on startups and innovation projects, to which we add a network of experts whom we consult on key details.

We do not publicly mention our references on this subject, please consult us.

Our services for investors

Due Diligence

We review all aspects of a project or company on both technological and economical aspects, including  industrialization, market understanding, Go-To-Market strategy, competition, business plan, etc.

Market Research

Before investing, it is essential to know if the market orientations are the right ones, we review market assessments and challenge data through our own methods, knowledge and network of contacts.

Strategy Coaching

Because an investor may wish to help his companies overcome certain difficulties, we assist managers or members of the management team in the formulation of new strategies, competitive positioning or market, product or commercial approach...