Technology expertise:

In industrial electronics, Infinergia has an important experience of both end markets and components markets (semiconductor ICs in particular). We are able to adress the full industry value chain: from component, module to full system.

Semiconductor components:

  • Integrated Circuits and Discretes
  • Domains: analog, mixed signal, digital (ARM processors), power, RF, MEMS
  • Intellectual property, technologies and industrialisation.

Embedded software:

  • Multimedia: audio, video, imaging, graphics, Security mechanisms, DRM and  encryption
  • Embedded OS: Linux, Symbian, Microsoft, RTOS, application environments and GUI on ARM processors.

Systems :

  • Hardware & software architecture
  • Telecom infrastructure: base stations, controllers, central systems, etc.
  • Mobile phones: smartphones, netbooks, tablets, portable multimedia player, mobile TV, etc.
  • Home automation: sensors, control, transmission, actuators, energy sources and management
  • Sub-systems: multimedia, signal processing, wireless transmission protocols (Zigbee, Bluetooth, Wifi, etc), cellular transmission protocols (2G, 3G, LTE, TD-SCDMA, etc), power management.


Semiconductor database: EuSemi

This database contains data all European (Europe, eastern countries and Israël) semiconductor manufacturing facilities and companies. It includes:

  • Company Corporate Key Data: location, year of foundation, sales, number of employees, etc.
  • Core competency of the company: Integrated Design Manufacturers (IDM), research labs, fabless and start-ups.
  • Semiconductor sub-category: anlog, mixed signal, power, RF, MEMS, etc.
  • Type of component: IC, discrete, MEMS/sensors, opto-electronics, etc.
  • Summary of main function of component: processor, controler, interface, SoC, etc.
  • Level of customization: standard product, ASSP, ASICS, FPGA, etc.
  • Production facility data: front-end or back-end facility, wafer technology and size, clean room characteristics (footprint, class), etc.
  • Adressed markets: communications, computing, consumer, medical, automotive, industrial, scientific, defense
  • Company contact names (technical or economical management, buyers, etc.).

Main benefits of these databases:

  • Quick & efficient tool to know & contact your target audience.
  • Multiple sorting capabilities (by country, segment, size, production data, etc) 
  • It's the right tool to unfold a business plan: survey, sell, buy or partner!

For more information about this database, please contact us.