Company description:

Infinergia Consulting provides marketing and management B2B consulting services. We have two main activities: customer specific services and market research towards companies in the electronics and clean electricity industries.

Infinergia is headquartered in Grenoble, France, one of the most dynamic centers in the alpine "Silicon & Solar Valley" spreading from the Rhône Alpes region, Romandy in Switzerland and north west part of Italy.

We also have offices in Paris, France and Munich, Germany.

We're actively contributing to this ecosystem and entertain a rich network with research, start-ups and innovative companies, investors, regional and european clusters.

Infinergia is incorporated under the laws of France as a LLC (Grenoble Trade Register:  513 178 913).


The founder

Infinergia is managed by Fabrice Poulin. He spent thirteen years marketing of semiconductors on an international basis by a top 5 chip maker: STMicroelectronics. Fabrice founded Infinergia Consulting to share his management and marketing expertise in high tech products with smaller companies. He has a double training in electronics and business school (majored in B2B marketing). Fabrice is fond of challenges and has excellent track record in penetrating dynamic and protected markets like South Korea or Japan. He's multilingual, lived 4 years in Asia and has developped an extensive knowledge of international business.

Our values

Our name "Infinergia" has its roots in the infinity world, infinitesimal with semiconductors and the exploitation of solar energy, which is infinite in a certain manner... It describes also our willingness to improve continually and our energy to always satisfy our customers. Finally, it's our constant challenge to help companies bring their technology to markets exploiting our marketing skills. As commercial success fuels innovation, like an infinite loop!

Our mission is to understand customer and market needs and always provide higher value added services to our customers. We anticipate market and technology trends and share and share  our know-how with our customers.